Papua New Guinea doesn't automatically spring to mind as a nation with a buzzing surf scene.

80% of the population live in rural tribal communities with no electricity or running water. They rarely mix with one another, let alone the outside world.

So, how did they come to develop a fiercely competitive surf community?

Award winning film Splinters sets out to explore the indigenous surfers of Papua New Guinea - from their early days bellyboarding to the country's first National Surf Championships, charting the tensions and rivalries in this male-dominated community.

The London Surf / Film Festival is hosting a special screening of Splinters on Wednesday 28th May at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London followed by a Q&A with President of the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea and campaigner for change, Chris Hines M.B.E.

You can buy tickets for £7.50 here. There also also screenings in Plymouth on Tuesday 27th May and Bristol on Thursday 29th May. More details here.