Photo: Vimeo /  Davide Spina

Any surfers trapped in a city will know that the ecstasy that being in the waves gives you is almost equalled by the frustration of being so far away from the sea.

We torture ourselves by pouring over online surf reports, and looking longingly out of the windows at grey office blocks, longing to be in the water.

Far From You is a short film that perfectly captures that constant frustration.

Shot in Munich, Germany, it features a surfer who lives in the city, but is willing to do almost anything to be closer to the waves. From washing in salt water, to making little waves out of the paper on his desk, we can safely say, we've all been there.

There's even a cheeky little nod to some inn-er-city surfing as our frustrated hero skates past the Eisback River - one the best inland river breaks in Europe - where some chap is treating himself to a cheeky surf.

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