These guys have invented an app that they hope will mean you never miss a good day of surfing again.

Unless you're lucky enough to have a house with a clear view of the surf break, you'll no doubt know the pain of traveling to the beach in the hope of good waves, only to be met with, quite literally, a sea of disappointment. Flat, waveless disappointment.

That's where the folk behind goFlow come in. With their new app, available for both iPhones and Android, anybody in your network can see how the swell is doing, take a picture, add information about the size of the waves, how glassy or choppy it is out, and how much fun it looks, and send it out.


In theory, you'll never have to miss a day when it's all-time, and could spend time with the long-suffering other half when it's flat out.

We really like the idea behind this app, but we do have one fairly significant issue: If you're doing this on your smart phone, why not just text or call your crew. Or tweet them. Or Facebook message. You know, just like everybody does already...

goFlow can be downloaded from iTunes now.

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