Photo: WSL / YouTube

Just 24 hours after being attacked by a Great White Shark during the the WSL contest at Jeffrey Bay, South Africa, Mick Fanning has spoke exclusively about the events that unfolded the day before.

"It was me oR the shark"

Clearly, not-to-mention understandably still trying to wrap his head around what happened to him, Fanning exclusively told CNN "All of a sudden, I sort of sensed something behind me."

"And then all of a sudden I just jumped on my board and I was, OK, something's going on. I felt myself getting dragged under by my leash."

“Then next thing I know I saw his fin and went on my board and I guess it smacked me in the head." said Fanning to CNN's David McKenzie "I went again on my board, and it was like me or the shark."

“I think I tried to punch it. And then it started like dragging me under, dragging me by my leash, and I was like I don’t know what to do. You never know, you’re just lucky. You just thank whatever gods are out there or whatever."

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