Ever since Allan Lamb invented surfing in 1972, the art of catching waves hasn't changed too significantly in the prevailing years.

Granted, boards have got longer and shorter and loner again, and the amount of fins changes from anywhere between zero an 35, but it's basically one person on a board, changing around the waves, powered by some mystical sea magic. And that's science. You cannot argue with science.

However, US pro surfer and all-round good guy Jamie O'Brien has other ideas.

"it's probably the stupidest idea..."

Along with his old pal Poopies (yes, he's a man actually willing to answer to the name Poopies), O'Brien headed out to his home break at Pipeline, Hawaii, resplendent in leopard print budgie smugglers and with a hot pink board, and tried a spot of tandem surfing.

While fitting two surfers onto a ten foot long board isn't all that unusual, getting two fully grown chaps onto a short board, like the pink rocket Jamie and Poopies tried to ride is pretty... well, needless to say it didn't end well.

Despite the obvious natural talents of both men, trying to hang 20 proved pretty tricky, and the pair ended up on the rough side of a barrel on a handful of occasions.

However, after a while in among the waves, the experience of the pair won out, and the managed a handful of rides with them both hanging on.

So, with this success, will tandem surfin take off? Well, we certainly don't expect to see Kelly Slater and Filipe Toledo sharing a board at the next big WSL event. But who cares? Jamie, we salute you for doing this insane shit, so we don't have to.

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