Laird Hamilton flies high on his foil board. Check out the edit below! Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Laird Hamilton is a bit of a legend. The American big-wave surfer not only co-invented tow-in surfing, he’s also ridden some absolutely gargantuan waves over the past twenty plus years, and now it looks like he’s invented a flying surfboard.

Of course, ‘looks like’ is the key phrase there, because as you’ll know from being a human and living on earth, surfboards can’t actually fly. So, what is Laird actually doing here? You may or may not already know that he’s foil boarding – riding a surfboard with a hydrofoil attached.

A foil board is a board with a hydrofoil that extends into the water below, and causes the board to rise above the water depending on the speed. It makes for pretty cool watching, that's for sure.

Laird was the one who originally discovered the foil board’s capability to harness swell energy with the use of a jet ski, pulling the ride into a wave, and he’s not looked back since. Check out this edit from the awesome Californian. He may be 51-years-old now, but he still rides hard!

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