Credit: Duct Tape Surfer

Pascale Honore, the amazing paraplegic surfer, who inspired millions around the world when she surfed duct-taped to the back of her son's friend has died in hospital in Australia.

Credit: Duct Tape Surfer

French-born Honore, who was 52 and the mother of two children, had lost use of both of her legs in a car accident in 1995 but she was determined to continue living her life as fully as possible. She used to go surfing strapped to the back of Tyron Swan, as this GoPro video of the pair, which went viral two years ago, shows. She died from health complications relating to the spinal injury caused by the original car crash.

At the time, she had described the experience to a newspaper saying:

'I remember looking up, the colour, the sound, being part of everything, being part of the water, I can't find words to explain it.'

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Pascale Honore. Her smile and spirit will not be forgotten.

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