Photo: The Inertia


Imagine if somebody asked you how to wave. You’ve probably never thought about it before. You just do it.

It’s something that you do every day, but that you probably haven’t ever actually thought about doing; and something we highly doubt you’ve ever sat down and deconstructed in terms of meaning and process.

Because why the hell would you? Well, it turns out, for a good laugh. And to create a rather stellar educational video for the uninformed.

Our friends over at The Inertia recently decided to ask the best surfers in the world not how to wave (which kind of sounds like a kindergarten way of asking someone how to surf) but how best to do surfing’s equivalent – the shaka.

The shaka is the symbol that’s been charged with sending out good vibes whenever it’s thrown.

But how are you meant to do it? Get them three middle fingers dropped and leave the rest there. But here’s The Inertia and the best surfers in the world with the full guide.

From Kelly Slater to Alana Blanchard, Stephanie Gilmore, Bruce Irons, Lyndie Irons, Ian Walsh, Coco Ho, Mason Ho, Carissa Moore, Kai Lenny and more…

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