Do you ever look at old photos and wonder how it must have looked to actually be there?

The look that old cameras give photographs make us imagine that the world actually looked a little grainy and sepia back then, and it's hard to visualise how people and places really looked.

Daily Overview Showcases How Beautiful The World Can Be From Above

Artist Joni Sternbach has reversed that perspective in her fascinating new project, taking photos of modern-day female surfers, with 19th-century photographic techniques.


Sternbach's  images "centre on our relationship with water, contrasting some of the most desolate deserts in the American West to iconic surf beaches around the world."

We love how all these images are far removed from the loud action shots we're used to seeing surfers in, instead focusing on real surfers in a moment of quiet.

From young to old, these surfers present a totally unique insight into the sport and surf lifestyle, rarely captured in modern photography.

Check out some more of Sternbach's photos below:


Check out all of Joni Sternbach's portraits at her latest exhibition Her Wave, at the Von Lintel Gallery from 10th September.

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Daily Overview Showcases How Beautiful The World Can Be From Above