For all but the most experienced surfers, the idea of riding a 15 foot wave is pretty terrifying. A combination of eyeball bursting speed and a lump of water heavier than the moon breaking inches from our head is pretty gnarly, after all.

So, trying it on a rubber ring? That either takes extreme skill, or a biblical level of stupidity. Luckily for us, pro surfer Jamie O'Brien has a mate called Poopies who definitely fits one of those two descriptions. You decide which one...

Jamie, Poopies and their crew headed down to Mexico where they found a break that was absolutely firing. Naturally, Jamie talked Poopies into taking in the double overhead on using a rubber ring. Needless to say, it didn't end well.

Poopies, we salute you for doing these so things, so us normal humans don't have to.

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