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stan smith

Another week over, congratulations! You've made it to the weekend. As a reward sit back, relax and enjoy the seven biggest edits from the past seven days. We've got aging tennis champions, aging skateboarding legends, mega pow and some arthouse surfing.

Now if you're sitting comfortably, let's begin.

So it may not have taken the $100,000 cash prize like some at MPORA may have claimed but Cohen's 3 mins of pow is well worth a watch anyway. Most of the action takes place on Mt. Superior in Utah and most of the riding falls under that category also.

Cohen takes some fearless lines, cliff drops and a run in with an avalanche in his entry into the TGR Co-Lab contest. He's our winner at least.

Sam Reynolds has been a fixture on the Freeride Mountain Bike world tour for years with some success. This video lets him get back to what he loves - tearing around the woods with no regard for his own safety.

He absolutely sends it with fearless abandon and has one of the smoothest whips in the game. Awesome.

Simple Sessions kicks off in Talinn, Estonia this weekend bringing the worlds biggest BMXers and skaters in the game to Eastern Europe for two days of awesome shred.

Andreas Lainevool and friends are expected to make an impact on two wheels and this edit shows why. The guys have got incredible bike control and a mega bag of tricks ready to unload for the crowds. We'll be bringing a full roundup of the action so keep an eye on that.

Part surf movie, part Ingmar Bergman homage, this External World surfing edit left us baffled, envious and a little bit in love. It's beautifully shot off the Sydney coast and features some gorgeous surfing and some ethereal blondes, all a bit odd.

It was put together by EPØKHE and stars the co-founders in this awe inspiring edit. More arty surfing videos please.

Urban snowboarding brings to mind grungy rails, getting chased around by security guards and plenty of bungee cords. Klas Beyer's edit has got plenty of that as well as some steezy methods and awesome front flips in the Swedish streets.

Beyer is already building a heavy reputation for himself and this roundup of his 2012/2013 shenanigans only adds to that.

Some of skating's biggest names turned up on Bondi Beach, Asutralia to take the sport back to its roots with some serious bowl riding. Tony Hawk, Eric Koston, Steve Caballero and current world champion, Pedro Barros, rolled back the years in one of our favourite events of the year so far. So smooth.

[part title="Stan Smith Shredding"]

Stan Smith has gone down in history as one of the greatest men to ever pick up a tennis racket. He's got two grand slam singles titles to his name as well as his own line of classic trainers.

But did you know he picked up a skateboard a fair bit too? The guys at Adidas have dug up some rare footage of the man in action on the New York streets, laying it down - and just in time to launch the Stan Smith skate shoes. Coincidence you say? Awesome, we say.