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Another week goes by in action sports with a bulging bag of sweet edits to feast upon. Of course, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, you're probably not going to be able to watch every last second of awesomeness. Thus we've compiled our seven picks of the last seven days, much like we did last week.

[part title="ENGADINSNOW 2014 – GoPro Highlights FINALA"]

With a solid dump of snow and some serious off piste terrain, the Endgadinsnow 2014 had everything any freerider could ever want. As for this POV edit from the final, all we can say is mental, heavy drops, some sick powder with a splattering of rocks, it’s heavy and worth pressing play for.

[part title="Snowboarding with 9 year old Hunter Goulet"]

Seeing sick edits of pro snowboarders is one thing, you know it’s their job, they are obviously going to shred harder than you. But when an edit of a 9 year old shows up who snowboards better than 95% of us turns up, you know you’ve got problems.

Hunter Goulet is that 9 year old, he hails from the snow Mecca of Park City Utah and rips.

[part title="Backwoods adventure with surfer Trevor Gordon "]

Time to slow it down a bit. Trevor Gordon built his own truck bed camper from the ground up at his home in Carpinteria, California. Kitted it out and embarked on a mission to find surf and adventure in the heart of Cascadia's Bigfoot Country.

This is the soulful part one of the adventure webisode into the surf rich North West Pacific. Did he score waves? You betcha, did he meet Big Foot? Hit play and find out.

[part title="Matt Gosling // Winter Escapades"]

Matt Gosling shredding some dense Macclesfield Forest deep in the heart of the Peak District. This rootsy short, where ‘larking about’ was the main motive, is all about battling illness, work, bad light and weather, to bring home the general antics that occur every winter in the least serious fashion.

[part title="A Day Out - Andreas Wiig in Japan"]

If you love deep powder then you dream of Japan. A dump there is measured in meters not feet and it pretty much snows every day, it’s the ultimate place to get some serious POW time in. Andreas Wiig teams up with Japanese friend Yuta Watanbe on the other side of the world. Their main goal for the trip was to ride as much powder as possible, a plan that turned out to be pretty easily conducted.

[part title="Ethan Morgan 2013 Full Part Remix "]

Having survived contact with the concrete corner in Never Not’s Slam City, German Ethan Morgan lives to ride again. Probably the highest profile German rider since David Benedek, Ethan’s video parts are sick, and he’s damn decent competition rider too.

[part title="Two Crazy Russians Climbing the Shanghai Tower Will Leave You With Sweaty Palms"]

If you only watch one video this week it has to be this one. It may not be pure action sports, but breaking into the building site of the second tallest building on the planet is pretty mental. But then climbing to the roof takes it all to a new level. But if that wasn’t enough for these two totally off the hook Russians they then climbed the crane on top of the building. Seriously the video will leave you terrified, even though there is a keyboard between you and the action.