If only by the title, you can probably guess that the video Sex on the Beach is almost certainly going to be considered NSFW (unless you happen to work in Amsterdam, in which case we're led to believe more or less anything goes). And it's easy to see why, consisting as it does of a few shots of photogenic young ladies with little or nothing on in the way of clothing, plus the odd bit of obviously simulated shoreside copulation interspersing a whole load of footage of Matt Wilkinson's inimitably casual surfing prowess.

By some accounts Wilkinson's reputation is based as much on his flamboyant dress-sense, partying excesses and ever-present entourage of female admirers as on his surfing, so to followers of his career to date this somewhat cavalier editorial approach may come as no surprise. Not that he necessarily edited the video himself, of course, but it's certainly not out of step with the juicier rumours of extracurricular activities that have been attached to him.

Decorous surfing fans (if there are any) might argue that this is something of a pity, because since winning the under-16 division of the ISA World Junior Surfing championship in 2004, Wilkinson has succeeded in developing a loose yet free-flowing style which seamlessly blends impeccable blasts and inventive airs with impressive power turns. This natural ability and flair saw him finish a respectable 24th in his first Championship Tour in 2010, and has enabled him to maintain a top 24 position ever since. In 2015 he finished 18th, so it looks like even greater things could be in store for the Australian maverick, regardless of how he chooses to spend his time away from the surf.