This could be the end of surfboards as we know them. Well, at least that's what Oakley thinks.

Introducing the Shape Shifting Surfboard, a surfboard that changes shape using a touch screen pad. It's designed to be made from super-light conductive aerographene (sounds fancy) that moulds into a different shape when you pass electric current through it.

So, if a giant swell starts rolling through and you want to change your longboard for a fish, you just press a button and it'll transform into a new shape.

oakley shape shifting surfboard

oakley shape shifting surfboard

It's also designed to  have retractable fins as well, so you can choose if you want one, two or three. 

Airbag Labs, the brains behind the shape shifter, have teamed up with Oakley and pro surfer Jack Robinson to put the shape shifting surfboard into action.

In theory, this sounds like a damn good idea. After all, changing conditions and the hassle of lugging around a quiver of boards when you surf abroad is a pain in the ass.

But saying that, there's something nice about having a selection of real boards to paddle in and choose from. What do you reckon?

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