Could Brits be surfing in bikinis like Alana Blanchard this summer? Photo: Instagram

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The surf Meccas of Devon and Cornwall are set to have an absolute scorcher of an August according to forecasters, who are predicting the hottest temperatures for 300 years!

Apparently the heat wave, caused by an "unusually elongated" jet stream, will send the mercury soaring across the UK.

"Temperatures will surpass those experienced in the "Great Heatwave" of 1906"

Official Government figures have shown that July has been one of the warmest and sunniest on record, but after a cooler start, August is apparently set to be even better.

A weather map showing how the jet stream brings hot air to the UK


And it's around the beaches of the south west where the effects will be felt the most. This article on a Cornish holidays site claims that the temperatures in that part of the world will surpass those experienced in the "Great Heatwave" of 1906 when the mercury hit 32 degrees C.

This is obviously awesome news for anyone planning on heading in that direction for a surf.

Sure the most popular beach breaks will probably be a bit more crowded, but what's a few extra tourists if you could surf in boardshorts or a bikini instead of a wetsuit?

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