Surfer Dianne Ellis was out in the ocean near the idyllic Gold Coast, on the eastern tip of Australia, when she saw a near by pod of dolphins larking around. GoPro at the ready, she paddled over to get a better view of the peaceful sea gents.

So far, so perfect, right? However, the dolphins weren't the only thing in the water. All of a sudden, Ellis felt a powerful bang on her board - strong enough to snap in clean in two.

Initially, she assumed it was one of the dolphins that had taken a dislike to her, but a near by paddle boarder suggested that is was more likely to be a shark, having spotted one in the area earlier. Terrifying.

"It's a genuine ocean whodunit"

Happily, aside from a snapped board, that actually belonged to her Daughter, who's a national longboard champion, Dianne escaped without anything other than a few bruises.

Back on dry land, Ellis showed the board to a friend who'd noticed that it was scared with numerous bite marks. While not impossible, it's unlikely that they'd have been left by dolphins.

So who was the culprit? A disgruntled dolphin, a misunderstood shark, or a rouge daughter annoyed her mom has nabber her board? The mystery continues...

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