gabriel medina surf searchgps watch

gabriel medina surf searchgps watch

Now this is pretty wicked. Rip Curl have gone and made the world's first GPS surf watch.


Anyone who's into cycling or running will know Strava and Map My Run are the front runners when it comes to GPS sports apps. Now Rip Curl are doing the same for surfing with this watch, the SearchGPS.

You just wear the watch while you're in the water and it will tell you how many waves you catch, your top speed, how far you've paddled, where you're sat in the line up  and more.


Once you're back on shore, you can analyse your surf on the SearchGPS app. If you're feeling in a particularly braggy kind of mood, you can show off your stats on Facebook and Twitter.

So, when you're come in for a break, you can take a look at where you're sat in the line up, check the app and reassess your position. Or just simply challenge your mates to see who really catches the most waves (not just ones they claim they caught).

Plus who doesn't love a geeky stats feed about your own progress?


It's said to be on sale from September at price of £239. Pretty steep, but probably justified when it comes to the tech abilities it claims to have.

Check out more from Rip Curl SearchGPS here.

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