There's more ancient wood here than a Saga holiday to Magaluf - Photo: Turtle Bay

Surfboards come in a whole array of shapes, sizes, and specifications these days. There are more options when buying a wave stick than there are in a shitty chain coffee shop.

Advances in technology have altered design, materials, construction and, of course, the price of surfboards.  So, with this cutting edge technology being at the forefront of the surf business, it makes perfect sense that one of the most desirable, not to mention expensive surfboards on the market is 3000 years old and made from nothing more than a lump of ancient wood.

Californian surfboard shaper Larry Fuller has taken to crafting boards out of extremely old wood. Via a network of wood specialists, he's managed to find some timber that's a solid 3000 years old and has hundreds of surfboards hidden within it, just waiting to be carved out.

Something in this photo is 3000 years old. Can you guess what? - Photo: Turtle Bay

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Just let that sink in for a moment. You could be paddling out on a board that's been on this planet for 3000 years. Three whole Millenia. Each board is 2855 years older than the entire country of Germany. They'd been around for a solid 324 years by the time Japan was born. Hell, they're even older than Kelly Slater. Just.

That's a half a million dollar quiver there - Photo: Turtle Bay

The boards are undoubtedly beautiful, fully functional and hugely desirable. You want one, right? We all do.

However, you're going to need a hefty wallet before you can add one to your quiver. In traditional Antiques Roadshow style, the boards have been valued, and they're thought to be worth around the $100,000 (almost £70,000).

Yeah, we'll stick to rentals for now.

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