Photo: Jody Roth

We recently brought you word of a chap in rural England who was drinking a lot of tea and printing 3D mountain bikes, and now he’s got a surfing counterpart who’s joined in on the fun.

Meet Jody Roth. He’s the man of the hour, and he prints surfboards for his son Matej. Now, we know all about how much went into getting that mountain bike rolling, and it’ll be of no surprise to many that Jody faced a fair few setbacks when printing his board as well.

The innovator has documented his processing in depth on his blog, but in short, it took about a year and a hell of a lot of trial and error.

Jody first put together an initial board shape, designed the ride, and got everything ready for a first test attempt – which he printed a third of the size that the final board would eventually be.

The surfer admits that the test board didn’t quite work out too well – there were minor millimetres and changes needing done here and there – but he also notes that “it was not a catastrophic failure." Cue round two.

Each part of the board took at least 10 hours to print...

You can read all the technicalities on Jody’s blog, but dumbed down, he printed all the parts individuality - with each part taking at least 10 hours to print - cleaned each piece with a razor blade, welded them together, and then after plenty of touch-ups, had a fully functioning surfboard!

Nice work Jody. Could these 3D printers really could revolutionise the future? We'll have to wait and see...

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