Photo: KEYT

We all know we shouldn't do it. Leaving the car key hidden behind a rock or tucked under the wheel of a car when we go surfing.

It's dumb, because you never know who might be watching you hide it right? We've all heard that story of the guy who came back to his car parking spot after a surf - only to find it was gone.

Here's a real life story that proves it actually happens (and isn't just an old seadog's tale surfers tell each other)

Surfer Burglar Car Robbery Ventura California Maliny Soukkhassem

Maliny Soukkhassem was out catching waves with at Surfers' Point in Ventura, California with her friend Jolie Bernal last week.

They had only been in the water fifteen minutes when Maliny looked over to her car and noticed a stranger inside, who appeared to be robbing the car.

“I kind of had to do a double-take because I actually couldn’t believe there was a burglar in my car," she told

She called out to her friend Jolie who surfed a wave in to the shore, jumped out of the water, ran over to the car, pulled him out, punched him and pinned him to the ground. What a badass!

Jolie was able to hold on to the 59 year-old guy until the police arrived. "She's my hero!" said Maliny. Watch the interview below.