If getting paid to surf wasn’t enough, these surfers also have ridiculously hot girlfriends. Get ready for some life envy...

Luke Davis and Cailin Russo

Luke Davis is a 22-year old professional surfer from California with model good looks, a super smooth style and one of California’s IT girls as his squeeze.

"The press linked Russo with monkey loving, Bloom baiting, billionaire brat Justin Bieber"

Cailin Russo is perhaps most famous as starring as the hot blonde in Justin Bieber’s Confident and All That Matters videos (yeah, don’t deny it, you are all Beliebers and know exactly the vids we are talking about).

The Hollywood press linked Russo with the monkey loving, Bloom baiting, billionaire brat Justin Bieber, but she denied all rumours and confirmed her relationship with Davis.

The LA model fended off accusations from Selena Gomez of being, like, a bitch and has stuck with the natural footer, scuttling between New York and LA on modelling gigs and the odd surf trip to Mexico with her man.

[part title="Paul Fisher and Chloe Chapman"]

Paul Fisher was an Australian WQS surfer who, after a relatively unsuccessful career, morphed his outlandish persona, pro surfer connections and filthy sense of humour into a successful party guy persona.

"Fisher was seemingly untameable. Well, until Chloe Chapman took his eye..."

His website Followthefish.tv was greeted by further success as a DJ with Cut Snake. His party antics were legendary, his eye for the “barney" as he calls it notorious and he was seemingly untameable. Well, until Australian surfer and model Chloe Chapman took his eye.

Chapman was also a sponsored surfer in her youth, but has since funded her travels with a modeling and acting career, in between following the Fish and surfing with her pro mates like Laura Enever and Steph Gilmore.

[part title="Taj Burrow and Rebecca Jobson"]

At 35 years of age, Taj Burrow has had a string of ridiculously hot girlfriends over his career including Australian models Cheyenne Tozzi and Stefanie Hunter, publicist Sara Bray and Oleema Miller, sister to Kelly Slater’s girlfriend Kalani.

"Taj has had a string of ridiculously hot girlfriends..."

More recently though his Instagram account sees him involved with Rebecca Jobson. Jobson is a model (seeing a trend here?) who again is ridiculously attractive and was a contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model.

The pair have been dating since the start of the year and Taj’s seems happy. And so he bloody well should be.

[part title="Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone"]

Gold Coast surfer Jack Freestone, more frequently known as Alana Blanchard’s boyfriend, is a former World Junior champion and recognised as one of Australia’s most likely surfers to the make the elite World Tour.

"They are surfing's equivalent of Posh and Becks"

In 2012 he started dating Hawaiian Blanchard, infuriating her 800,000 plus social media fans, posting photos of the two very much in love.

They are surfing’s equivalent to Posh and Becks. God help the human race if they ever decide to have offspring and populate the earth with genetically superior surfers who will take over the world through Facebook, or its 2030 equivalent.

[part title="Grant “Twiggy’’ Baker and Katie Lovemore"]

After getting dropped by long time sponsor Billabong, South African big wave charger Grant “Twiggy" Baker decided to look on the bright side of life telling Stab magazine, “Well, it ain't all bad, I have a rock and roll bar and a Playboy playmate as a girlfriend."

"Well, it ain't all bad, I have a rock and roll bar and a Playboy playmate as a girlfriend"

That Playboy playmate and now fiancee is fellow South African Kate Lovemore, who describes herself on Instagram as “Playboy playmate, videographer and interior designer."

She also bodyboards and in between raucous photoshoots wearing not much at all, has backed her global wandering husband-to-be for more than five years.

It has worked, last year Twig was the Big Wave World Tour champion and has recently picked up a new sponsor Vissla. No wonder his glass is half full.

[part title="Aritz Aranburu and Almudena Fernández"]

There’s a lot to admire about the modest and super talented Basque surfer Aritz Aranburu.

For one, he is currently rated in the top 32, surfing against Kelly Slater on the World Championship Tour.

"Aritz might just be the quietest overachiever in surfing..."

Secondly, he is one of surfing’s great adventurers, constantly traveling the world in search of perfect, big waves. Thirdly, he is going out with one of Spain’s top models in Almudena Fernández.

Fernández has been on the cover of Elle, Vogue and Marie Claire and done campaigns for Victoria’s Secret and Givenchy among others.

Based between New York and Milan she is also a committed environmental activist and the founder of KindSurf, a NGO set up to raise awareness of environmental protection and helping disadvantaged youth.

Yes, Aritz might just be the quietest over achievers in surfing. We salute you!

[part title="Laura Enever and Granger Larsen"]

Granger Larsen is a young Hawaiian surfer who over the last few years has come incredibly close to making the elite top 32 World Championship Tour.

"Granger has smooth, powerful style and real competitive drive. He also has a ridiculously hot girlfriend, Laura Enever"

He has a smooth, powerful style and real competitive drive. He also has a ridiculously hot girlfriend in Laura Enever who just happens to be rated number six in the world.

The pair travel the world together, supporting each other at events, pushing each other in and out of the water.

Enever, being an almost six foot tall blonde, finds the time to mix her successful surfing career with modelling and fashion work, in between heat drills and surf trips with her lucky Hawaiian boyfriend.

[part title="Dan Ross and Mia Maestro"]

Dan Ross is a former elite level surfer from Yamba, Australia who, post-competitive career, has become a successful surf coach as well as big wave hellman. He is also a longtime environmental activist and Patagonia ambassador.

His girlfriend is Argentine actress and singer Mia Maestro, most famous for her role as Nadia in the TV series Alias, but also for her movie roles in the Twilight Saga, Frida and The Motorcycle Diaries.

"Dan is a successful surf coach and big wave hellman, while his girlfriend Mia is famous for starring in the Twilight saga"

The couple base themselves out of LA, although with Ross bombing it around the world chasing monster swells and coaching athletes like Sally Fitzgibbons, and Maestro attending red carpet premieres with R-Patz, they don’t get to hang out with each other as much as they would like.

“I like LA because it’s where a lot of people live that are very good at what they do, be it arts, film, business or whatever," says Ross. “But I’m lucky that I get to travel, chase swells and also spend big chunks back in Yamba. And Mia has a passion for the ocean and outdoors, so it works well."

We bet it does.

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