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If there are few things better than a beach (you can surf, chill or just ogle members of the opposite sex) there are few things more annoying than sand.

It gets everywhere - on you, on your stuff and, if you're lucky enough to be doing more than just ogling a member of the opposite sex, all sorts of other places it shouldn't.

The company even claims the towel will save you from sinking sand...

Not only that but if you spend even five minutes on a beach you end up cleaning sand out of your car, home and everywhere else for weeks after.

Australian brand Sandusa haven't solved all of the above problems, but they have come up with an invention that will make at least one major source of sand contamination much better. Introducing the world's first sand-proof towel.

With a nylon covering on one side that stops sand sticking and a waterproof coating that stops moisture soaking through, this is actually properly effective - provided you leave the right side down of course.

The company's site even goes so far as to claim that the towel will save you from sinking sand, although we suspect they may be taking the piss a bit there...

You can get it in a range of colours (as modelled by a range of scantily clad ladies) from