Last winter, we told you about the first ever powder and surf-chasing hostel on wheels aka The Nomads Bus. And now, as the video below shows, the old American school bus, which Tim Boffe and his girlfriend Valerie shipped over from Tennessee and have been painstakingly converting into a movable hotel is almost ready to go.

nomad bus

The genius idea behind the bus is to move wherever the surf or snow is best, rather than have guests grumped out by the fact their phones are telling them the conditions are way more awesome just 20 mins up the road.

Boffe had hoped to be ready for this winter season but getting the bus roadworthy took longer than expected, so it will welcome its surfer guests ahead of its snowboarding ones. Now the bunks, bathroom and kitchen are in, and Boffe says they're "aiming to leave this summer".

If you want to get involved, book yourself a holiday or just follow their progress, head to or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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