The 2014 Roxy pro ushers in a new era for Women's surfing. Whilst performance levels and individual sponsorship of the the female side of the sport has been at an all time high,  the world tour has taken a little time to catch up.

But that has all changed now, with the same blanket sponsor as the men, Samsung Galaxy, and a raft of new events, including Fiji and Hawaii, the women's tour has never looked healthier. With that new found vigour comes extra competition and the girls are up for the challenge.

Unlike the men there is only a top 17 on the women's tour which makes competition even tighter and less room for error. So with that in mind we give you our top 6 women to watch out for on the Gold Coast.

The 2013 Women's Roxy Pro Trailer:

[part title="Alana Blanchard"]



Ok so Alana is better known for shots of her bottom and bikini model shoots, but here's the secret, she surfs well to. Yeah we know shocking, but the fact is she got to where she is buy being a  good surfer and this year on tour she will be a threat.

The long right-handers at Snapper Rocks are where she excels at as well, she has a solid forehand attack, and whilst all the hype is around her extra curricular activities, she may well pull a few surprises. If you don't believe us, check out this video from her first year on tour.

Alana Blanchard Video:

[part title="Courtney Conlogue"]

Courtney Conlongue (USA)

Courtney Conlongue (USA)

Courtney Conlogue has risen up through the ranks of Women's surfing just a little bit under the radar. She didn't arrive under a much hyped banner and hasn't been splashed over men's mags as a model, but the girl from Santa Ana, California has emerged as a real contender.

She has got this far with a sick style and a very solid work ethic, it's lead to two career victories already and being a genuine title contender last year. This year has to be a step up season for her, you can run with the big players for a year by accident, but becoming one of them is a whole other matter.

We think she'll step it up though and with a powerful forehand attack, she has a real chance to take out the whole event on the Gold Coast.

Courtney Conlogue Video:

[part title="Tyler Wright"]

Billabong Pro Rio

Billabong Pro Rio

Younger sister of men's WCT campaigner Owen Wright, Tyler has grown up amongst siblings who rip. So it's not suprising that she is one of the most progressive female surfers on tour.

She started last season with a bang by taking out this event, upsetting the norm and really staking a claim to the whole tour early on. She didn't leave it there either and backed the Gold Coast win up with a second in Rio.

She ended up being Carissa Moore's biggest rival over the whole year, if she can repeat that awesome start again this year, she has to be a serious contender for the whole tour.

Tyler Wright Video:

[part title="Sally Fitzgibbons"]

Roxy Pro France 2013

Roxy Pro France 2013

Sally Fitzgibbons is one of the best comepetive surfers man or woman. She won every junior title going on the way to qualifying for the women's world tour, and in the time she has now been on tour she has an incredible 75% heat win ratio.

The fact that she hasn't won a world title yet is purely because the two women left in this feature have won more events, they actually have a way lower heat win ratio though. Sally is due a world title, and does well on The Gold Coast.

If she were able to overcome the dual challenge of Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore here then it would be just the springboard she needs. If you want to look beyond Moore and Gilmore our money is on Sally.

Sally Fitzgibbons surfing in Dubai:

[part title="Stephanie Gilmore"]


She is arguably the best female surfer of all time. Her run of five world titles in six years from 2007 onwards is one that is unlikely to be bettered anytime soon. She had a drop in form and some minor injuries in 2013 that stopped her from being at her best, but she is fighting fit now.

Her record on The Gold Coast is also devastating, with three career victories and three top five finishes. It's fair to say that she will be hard to beat especially if the swell is a good size. But she doesn't fill our top spot, in recent years one woman has broken her strangle hold, and Carissa Moore will be the one to beat here.

[part title="Carissa Moore"]

Carissa Moore was touted as a world champion when she hadn't even hit double digits. She was a child prodigy and as such had been groomed in the perfect surf of Hawaii from a young age to become a great surfer.

She burst onto the scene under the umbrella of a huge Nike endorsement and was immediately on fire. She went onto win her first world title in 2011, had a sticky year on a much reduced World Tour in 2012 but came back to win in 2013.

Snapper Rocks is one of her favourite waves and she has a good record here, winning in 2011. This year though she needs to get out of the gates fast as it's not just Stephanie Gilmore she needs to watch out for with a raft of women behind her. But she's our pick to take out this first event.

Carissa Moore's 2013 winning year: