It's pretty scary getting caught in a rip - as this wallaby found out on the weekend.

Surfers Scott Dennis and Jason Finlay were out at Bawley Point, New South Wales in Australia when they saw the animal in the water.

“We saw what we thought was a seal maybe 30 to 40 metres off the beach..." Jason told The Daily Telegraph. It turns out it was a wallaby that the surfers believed was accidentally been swept into the sea.

Within minutes, the pair grabbed a jet ski lifejacket and swam out to the wallaby, who was getting dumped on by the waves and slowly being dragged out to sea.

Photo: Simon Punch


Photo: Simon Punch


Simon Punch was on the beach with his camera and snapped the pair carrying the critter to safety. Without help from the two men, it's likely the wallaby would have drowned.

"After he hopped away it was a pretty good feeling, we just looked at each other with smiles on our faces. I don’t think any of us had seen anything like that before..." said Simon.

Photo: Simon Punch


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