When most people imagine a corporate CEO, they probably think of an old balding man in a grey suit, more at home with spreadsheets than surfboards.

Nick Woodman is a man who breaks that mould. The inventor and founder of GoPro was first inspired to develop the camera while out surfing and even though he's now the head of a multi-billion dollar company he still has time to shred every now and then.

"you know what? He can actually surf pretty well"

Especially when there's something as ground-breaking as the world's first artificial wave to explore. And you know what? He can actually surf pretty well.

Mpora's very own Sam Haddad was riding Surf Snowdonia at the same time as Nick (you can read her account of it here), and was suitably impressed with his skills. Rumour had it that he and his mate Kalani Robb flew in on a private jet for the session. But fair play, if you were personally worth 1.3 billion dollars, wouldn't you?

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