kelly slater

kelly slater

Waves crash against isolated cliffs in the darkness. The blue moon sets on the fading horizon. The vagabond wanders, spirited away by a haunting sound, calling in the deep night. On the other side of the water, the lonely wolf howls; long, unheard, unpredictable.

Mpora writes an opening paragraph that makes little to no sense. Kelly Slater lands an insane air at the Hurley Pro in Lowers, which makes even less sense.

The lonely wolf watches on, absolutely f*cking bewildered as to how the hell Kelly did it. The reader of this article, tired of reading our bullsh*t, clicks the video below, and wonders the same for themselves.

Sorry about that. We got a little taken aback by Kelly’s madness, and we’re sure you can see why. The guy absolutely blew away the audience, the internet, and everyone else that came into contact with his general absurdity on that wave – except for the judges that is.

He got awarded a 4.17 for the heat, which we feel is bullsh*t, and seems odd given that it’s a make that’s got even non-surf fans watching the sport. But ah well, what are you going to do?

How the hell Slater managed to ride away from the mistake-turned-miracle is anyone’s bet. Skill, training, strength. The man is a king amongst men.

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