Screen Shot: Vimeo (Sean O' Shea).

Dolphins Surfing Surfers

Everyone's always saying "dolphins are really clever," and "I love dolphins, they're incredibly intelligent." Well, if these dolphin-lovers love dolphins so much maybe they should all just go off and marry, guys?! Pesky dolphins.

Are we a bit jealous of all the attention that gets lavished on dolphins? Do we wish that dolphins would just stop being awesome for one second, so that Team Mpora can get some long overdue critical acclaim? Does the greatness of dolphins remind us, on some level, that no matter what we do; we'll never be as awesome as these genius-fish? No comment, no comment, no comment.

Screen Shot: Vimeo (Sean O' Shea).

Dolphin Surfers Surfing

But just when you think dolphins can't hog the limelight anymore than they already do, they gatecrash some surf-shenanigans and make all the nearby humans feel inferior.

Imagine how annoyed you'd be if, after months of practise, you finally nailed your first barrel ride; only to realise afterwards that everyone had been looking at some dolphins instead.

Not cool, dolphins. Not cool. And, don't use your dolphin-speak on us. You know we don't speak dolphin. Yes, yes, we get it. You're very impressive...with your intelligence, and your surfing skills, and your general dolphin-vibes. Watch the video below, and marvel at the magnificence of dolphins again (sigh).

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