Credit: World Surfing League

Perfect 10s don't come along often in professional women's surfing. Last season just two surfers bagged the maximum wave-point score, the reigning and six-time World Surfing League Champ Stephanie Gilmore from Australia (watch clip number 7 below ) and Courtney Conlogue from California (watch clip number 3 below).

So last week when 28-year-old Silvana Lima from Brazil scored the first perfect 10 of the year at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast (watch clip number 1 below), people were understandably a little excited.

The edit currently has more views than any other from both the women's and men's Quik Pro Gold Coast contest this year, with even CNN chiming in to call her a "surfing pioneer". Which she is of course, as the waves below will more than testify to, though her perfect 10 from 2005 wasn't the first ever in a women's contest CNN unless we're ignoring everything Layne Beachley's ever done!

Here are 10 of the best ever perfect 10s in women's surfing starting with Silvana's banger.

1) Silvana Lima Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2015

2) Stephanie Gilmore Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2012

3) Courtney Conlogue Target Maui Pro 2014

4) Silvana Lima Billabong Pro Maui 2009

5) Carissa Moore Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2013

6) Silvana Lima Rip Curl Pro Search 2010

7) Stephanie Gilmore Swatch Pro Trestles 2014

8) Silvana Lima Roxy Pro 2009

9) Sally Fitzgibbons Roxy Pro France 2013 (from 0:59)

10) Tyler Wright Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2011

We also had to include this Tyler Wright tube from 2011, which starts 0:37 secs, and would surely have been a perfect 10 had Carissa Moore not cut her off midway through. Entirely legitimately we should add as Carissa had priority on the wave. Boom. Tyler can't have been too psyched about it though!