Screen Shot: YouTube (via Santa Cruz Waves).

Roller Surfing SUP

What happens when roller skating gets together with SUP boarding? Chaos! There's no other word for it. The whole activity is just pure, unfiltered, chaos. Don't believe us, then why not get your teeth stuck into the video just below the next paragraph.

Take the most chaotic thing you can think of, double it, and then add three spoonfuls of chaos. Set that chaos on fire, attach it to the feet of a hyperactive Pterodactyl, and throw it off a bridge from the back of a wagon. This whole process of brewing up some chaos is approximately two-thirds as chaotic as the sport of 'Roller Surfing.'

There's one other word we've forgot to mention, one adjective that perfectly sums up this footage: hilarious. If you're looking for some serious laughs, put this in your eyeballs and chuckle away to your heart's content. You won't regret it.

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