Legends are born. Legends live. Legends inspire new people to become legends. Legends die. The circle of legends. The circle of life. Evel Knievel was the pioneer, an icon who made a living from courageously jumping his motorbike over stuff. Others simply followed, inspired by the jaw-dropping feats that made 'E.K' a household name around the world.

On the 9th of July 2018, Nitro Circus's very own Travis Pastrana paid tribute to 'Daredevil 1.0' in the best way possible; by being in Las Vegas and successfully landing three of Knievel's most famous stunts.

Airing exclusively on History, Pastrana, wearing one of the 20th century's most iconic outfits, bypassed Knievel's achievements by jumping 52 crushed cars (instead of 50) and 16 Greyhound buses (instead of 14). He then finished off the show, in front of a properly entertained crowd, by jumping the Caesars Palace fountain in spectacular style. 

The Caesars Palace fountain stunt was particularly significant because it was the scene of one of Knievel's most infamous and defining moments. Wind the clock back to New Year's Eve, in 1967, and you would have seen Knievel jumping the water-feature before crashing on landing and almost dying as a result. He suffered broken ribs, a broken hip, a crushed pelvis and earned a 29-day stay in hospital for his troubles. This time around, we're happy to report that Pastrana, who in so many ways is the modern-day equivalent of Knievel, passed the test with flying colours. 

After the event, Nitro Circus announced that they'll be headed back to Las Vegas in 2019 for a residency at Bally's. The show is scheduled to debut next spring and we have no doubt that it'll be another absolute belter. You can see Pastrana further cement his legendary status below. 

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