The weekend is here at last and to celebrate we've assembled the best and brightest of the videos we've seen in the past week. We've got wakeboarding through the Catalan equivalent of the National Trust, battling with huge Irish swells and the BMXing storm drains.

Let the edits commence.

[part title='Thibaud Duchosal from Les Arcs to Cortina d'Ampezzo']

Thibaud Duchosal is one of the biggest badasses on two planks. In this video he pushes his abilities to the limits taking on some killer lines and gnarly couloirs in the French and Italian Alps as he traverses from Les Arcs to Cortina d'Ampezzo.

The action is all shot on a Drift camera allowing you to get super close to the action in stunning HD.

[part title='Todd Lowe at Todos Santos']

Todos Santos is one of the world's deadliest waves. Situated off of Mexico, the waves power and size have turned it into a major scalp for big wave surfers.

Todd Lowe and acclaimed photographer, Shaun Parkin set out off to nail the monster and get some awesome shots along the way. This is the end result.

[part title='Drew Bezanson on a Taco Tuesday']

Fresh off of winning the Simple Sessions out in Talinn this video of Drew Benzanson - along with Pat Casey and Zack Warden - frolicking with the Fox gang dropped.

It shows the gang chilling out, taking it easy in the park as well as killing it in some random storm drain in the middle of nowhere. Awesome.

[part title='Tom Butler at Mullaghmore']

This video shows the mega swell that hit the west coast of Ireland in the first few weeks of 2014 thanks to the generally terrible weather that hit everywhere else. Mullaghmore was the beneficiary as it played host to some truly monstrous surf and the world's big wave surfers came to play.

Tom Butler was amongst them and you can see him doing battle with the Hercules storm. Some of the waves are gobsmacking.

[part title='Anton Gun from Daggers']

Anton Gun first showed up in Random Bastards Daggers film from late last year and we were pretty chuffed when we got to see it again when it came across our desks earlier this week. The Swedish shredder knows how to throw down and drops some truly sharp tricks in this edit.

We love a good backflip and Gun doesn't disappoint with the wallride double backflip a particular highlight. Gun also enjoys a good time and the amount of Jagermeister he drinks only seems to benefit his riding.

[part title='Wakeboarding in Barcelona']

Skateboarding and snowboarding in cities we've seen. Mountain biking and BMX as well of course. Wakeboarding not so much - surely that requires open water and speed boat. Nope.

The guys from Fox arrive in Barcelona with nothing but their boards and winch and proceed to go to work in everything from rivers, canals, storm drains and the Catalan equivalent of the National Trust. Pretty damn cool.

[part title='Behind the Scenes with Nick Goepper']

The lines are beginning to blur between movie blockbusters and snowboarding and freeskiing edits. This incredible behind the scenes look at Nick Goepper in action is impressive not only for the sick skiing but also for ogling all the tech - there are enough gyroscopes and Phantom cameras to sink a battleship here.

It's a great insight into how things go down and there are few things better than watching an Olympic Gold medallist show his incredible bag of tricks at ridiculous frame rates.