When it comes to nailing new stuff, it's never long before Nitro Circus get mentioned. Many a worlds first, including the first ever triple backflip on a motorcycle, were claimed at the hands of the NC crew.

However, while rolling around the New Zealand country side, they stumbled across a world's fist that nobody could expect: a Naked, Inland, Excavator-Pulled Wakeboard Course.

Well, we say 'course'... it's more of an old land excavator surrounded by a muddy looking pool of water, but those who wait for perfect conditions wait a long time. The rest of us have fun.

And that's exactly what Tommy And Crum from Nitro Circus, along with a whole bunch of locals did. Pro Wakeboarder Ethan Roberts also showed up to get some unconventional air time.


Before long the wake boards were out, clothes were off, and the excavator was doing its thing, flinging people around the water.

Granted, with it's cars sticking out of the ground, and weird spring-loaded bucking bronco, the whole place did look a little like a set from True Detective, but the fact the people there had used what they had around them to get a little rad is, well, it's rad! There's a lesson there for everyone.

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