You know when your friend has an idea that you just know will end in pain and suffering for them, so you encourage them to do it? We can only assume that's exactly what's gone on here.

This set of über-bro's took to a speed boat in a bid to achieve a skimboarding high five. A soon as the boat starts pulling our daft hero, you get the sense something is going to go wrong.

Within seconds, you hope the incident is something severe enough to affect the vocal chords of the fella shouting "settle down" in an unfathomable accent. Shortly after, the rope is dropped, and Joey Skimboard approaches the side of the boat at speed.

The impact is inevitable. The thud; satisfying. And best of all? A quick "Oh shit" aside, the mouthy dude is silenced. Text book stuff, bro's. Text book stuff.

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