I've not every day you get to see a whole new sport invented. And when you do, very often, it's little more than something that already exists with the addition of either an engine or a parachute.

However, Snow Wake-Skating has just been born, and it looks rad.

Photo: Starealation Andreas Mohaupt / Redbull.com

Brian Grubb performs during the Red Bull Wakeskate in Bjelasnica, Bosnia on January 31th, 2015

Brian Grubb and his crew took their wake skate set up to a rather chilly Bjelasnica, Bosnia in search of the The Dragon's Tail. Despite sounding like the Harry Potter book that was never written, it's actually a river that runs through a valley that, when it snows, becomes the ideal Snow Wake-Skate environment.

Towed by a winch, Brian flip tricks his way through the water, and transitions up onto the snow banks, carving on his board with disarming ease.

The sport is clearly in its infancy. The fact that Grubb looks a little bit like a belgian sex gimp in his wetsuit suggests that style is yet to enter the equation, but who cares? This sport looks sick.

Photo: Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool

Brian Grubb of United States perform during the Red Bull Wake Skate at Bjelasnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina on January 30, 2015.

While the location is kind of limiting, the possibilities for Snow Wake Skate to grow into something significant are there. Bank to water gaps, snow kickers, bonking a Bosnia River Otter as you pass his den... Let's dream big.

Although the winch seemed to work well for the Brian, speed was one of the biggest problems the team faced. Grubb had to go faster on the the water to keep him afloat, but slower on the snow so he could push out the steezy carves.

Only time will tell whether Snow Wake-Skating will take off like snowboarding, skating, and wakeboarding have before it. Reproducing the conditions the guys found in Bosnia will be the most obvious problem.

But if they can either put a man on the moon, or at least make a video that had us all fooled for almost 50 years, I'm sure some boffins can crack it. And as soon as they do, we're at the front of the queue.

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