Some times rain destroys all your plans and forces you to hide indoors. Other times, though, it does exactly the opposite.

Meet the wakeboarders who made the most of a rainy day in Charleston, South California, when the streets completely flooded this week. Instead of sulking around, they made a couple of kickers and started shredding water.

The course spent about half an our to create, but the riders managed to ride the 10-inch water for about triple that time, told filmmaker Adam Boozer.

While that was more pinning puddles than slamming tsunami waves though, these Russians got a bit more road to play with when they took on street boarding in 2012:

And there was the woman who gave it a shot in Czech Republic as well - with a fairly decent amount of success...

There are plenty more awesome videos of rainy-day wakeboarders out there too. But this last one is for those reading this and complaining that they'll never get to give it a go because of their sun-drenched climate...

The video comes from Saudi Arabia, where Hussein Gazzaz has taking his wake talents to the streets of Jeddah - despite the fact that there isn't a drop of water in sight.

Apparently, Hussein has broken his arm eight times doing this. That's a pretty gnarly record, and we can certainly imagine that it isn't the safest of sports.

They ride ramps, street and sand, and while the board must take a bit of a beating, this looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

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