Cliff jumping is one of those gnarly sports that's happily existed away from the main stream for years. However, slowly but surely, as people get bored of seeing Tom Daley and Greg Louganis smuggling budgies, the squares look to the fringes and vacuum up the blood and guts of people that leap off rocks for fun.

And how does the cliff jumping world respond? By getting even more punk rock, just like this crew. Not content with just diving off a few boulders near the local lake, the Cliff Life Family up the ante and look for crazier places to send it from.

At the end of May this year, on Memorial weekend in the states, the guys found a bunch of nose-bleed high cliffs, bridges, and even a super sketchy abandoned building over a waterfall to have a little bit of fun with.

The result is an insane edit of skin peeling, face splitting gnarliness where the jumping crew get more air time than your average long-haul pilot.


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