To inherit your nickname from a legendary sea monster, you've got to have some serious skills in the depths of the ocean.

Luckily, Finnish freediver Antero 'Kraken' Joki has all the skills necessary to live up to his name, with some left over to spare....

The 49 year old, who weighs over 200lbs, is the national freediving champion of Finland, with his deepest dive at 328ft and longest breath hold at seven minutes without oxygen.

After taking up the sport in his late thirties, he's now reached the bottom of  Lake Päijänne, Finland's deepest lake, many times and overtaken all his native freedivers record's in a matter of years.


Freediving is a dangerous and otherworldly sport however and Joki respects the ocean and doesn't dive recklessly.

"I never dive alone" he says in the first episode of Journey From The Source, "If you lose consciousness during a dive you're dead."

You'll not see Joki playing it safe with oxygen tanks anytime soon however, he believes that freediving is the only way to experience the water.

"The difference between scuba diving and freediving is that in scuba diving you go look what's inside the ocean, but with  freediving you go and look what's inside yourself."


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