After forking out enough money to bribe a delegate from an international football organisation for a smart phone, it's pretty amazing how many of us then manage to drop them into liquid.

Whether it's a drunken dip in a pub pint, a dozy drop in the toilet, or having it smacked out of your hand by a raging pedestrian, only to see your phone head straight to the deepest, dirtiest puddle for miles.

However, Gregory Papadin has gone one better. Or worse, depending on how you look at it. While enjoying a day on a boat while holidaying in Menorca, he dropped his phone in the sea while trying to film his brother diving.

Somewhat miraculously (miraculous for 2015 at lest, where the miracle bar is pretty low) the iPhone kept recording all the way down to the bottom of the sea bed.

Luckily for our pal Greg, the captain of the boat was on hand, and dived down and rescued his phone for him. Presumably, stowed among the life jackets and distress flares was a massive bag of dry rice precisely for such emergencies.

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