Snorkel Boat Accident

Snorkel Boat Accident

When swimming around with a snorkel on your face, there's a number of dangers you need to consider. Your mate Darren sticking his finger in your snorkel and stopping you from breathing, for example. But sometimes, as a species, we forget the more obvious threats that snorkelling can throw up. Sharks, sharks that spit sharks, sharks that spit sharks that spit sharks, and, of course, fast-moving boats.

Snorkeler Alex Murray had a run in with the latter of those threats while submerged in the clear water off Gili Meno island in Indonesia. The 21-year-old was swimming about with his selfie stick when he heard a loud noise fast approaching. Fortunately, Alex was able to react quickly and dive down just in time. The title of the video is 'Always Look!'

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