1) No matter how many air fresheners you buy...

air freshener

air freshener

2) Your car always has 'that' smell


3) No-one will ever understand your excitement at watching the weather forecast...

4) You know the feeling when you see the hull of your new boat after 30 seconds

crying gif

crying gif

5) At some point you might have spent more on your boat

Photo: Team Pyranha

carbon jed

6) Than your car

Photo: Spinningfishwife.blogspot.com

7) You know that if someone's garage looks like this...

8) They probably paddle like this

9) Learning the lingo takes a while. But how else do you describe a gnarly boof over a very brown stout


10) Airport check-in's are scary


11) If you're in a car with boats on the roof there's always one person who feels the need to play dubstep


12) Watching your mates swimming might be scary..

scary swim

scary swim

13) But it's worth it to see them drink their beer from their booties

14) You don't understand why getting naked in carparks isn't considered normal

vs locals

vs locals

15) Normal people think their car is full when it looks like this...



16) But they don't know shit!

17) That feeling when you remember that if it's not on camera, it didn't happen



18) Even if you are trying hard not to, you'll still piss off farmers and landowners


19) You'd rather live here...


20) Than here.


21) Shuttles cause faff... period!

gonna happen

gonna happen

22) And you'll never be sexy... large waterproofs and very cold water don't get the ladies going


23) Though sometimes you do look really cool


24) You soon learn not to mention the "K" word in a drinking game


25) Nobody outside of your paddling buddies actually understands what you do

26) There's just so much kit for each new season... it's no wonder you're broke

27) But it's all worth it, because you get to do this

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