White water bust up - Photo YouTube

How do you make white water rafting more dangerous? Well, if you're anything like these two, you have a full on, hair pulling, fist-fight with your sister while you're floating down the river in your rib.

This crazy footage was captured by kayaker Cody Maple, as he was out having a run down the Nanatahala River in North Carolina, USA. He bumped into the pair who were on a rafting trip with Big Creek Expeditions, who's guide had to physically restrain the two ladies.

There is no explanation given as to why the pair were fighting, how it started, who was in the wrong, or whether at any point Jerry Springer appeared to encourage the ruck.

A lot could be said about the two warring sisters exploits, but we think the final word should go to the poor white water guide on the boat with them who simply called them "fuckers".

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