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With the exception of privacy-enjoying Germany, Google Street View is slowly concurring the globe. Those little Google camera cars trundle around, capturing whatever lines the streets of planet Earth. It really is the ultimate tool for the low budget tourist.

However, until now, it's been unable to capture some of the more remote places on the planet. It's easy enough to virtually stalk the address Sam from accounts swears Miley Cyrus lives, but it's been useless in bringing the hard-to-reach places to the safety of your laptop.

But now, thanks to climber extraordinaire and Mt. Everest expert Apa Sherpa - a chap that's topped the famous peak a record 21 times - you can explore areas of the the region without having to leave the comfort of your spinny office chair.

Who needs guide, when you've got Google? Photo: Google Earth

When it's fully up and running (and we have to say, when we checked just now, we didn't have access to it) you should be able to drag and drop the little golden Street View man onto one of the marked trails like a virtual Sir Edmund Hillary.

Alternatively, you can check out the staggering video, shot by Apa Sherpa and his team, that captures just some of the intimidating beauty of the Khumbu region in Nepal, that Mt. Everest calls home.

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