Every climber knows how important it is to have a good pair of winter mountaineering trousers. When you are ski touring long distances or trying to hook your toes onto that icy hard-to-reach foothold, you’ll realise the benefit of high-performance trousers.

Mountain Equipment are one of the most established outdoor gear manufacturers in the UK. They have participated in every first British ascent of an 8,000m peak, been involved with over 175 Everest summits and equipped adventurers for unsupported trips to the North and South Pole.

Whether you are climbing the Himalayas or learning the basics right here in the UK, you can trust Mountain Equipment to make long-lasting, superb quality outdoor gear for both men and women.

Mountain Equipment’s Spectre Trousers are an excellent pair of women’s soft-shell mountaineering pants, ideal for hiking and climbing in the winter.



Made with Gore Windstopper, these trousers are completely windproof and highly breathable, a crucial combination for aerobic activity in the mountains. This technical material will allow moisture to escape when you are sweating uphill, but will keep you from feeling the wind chill as you descend down.

Unlike GoreTex, Gore Windstopper is not 100 per cent waterproof (because it is so breathable) but it is highly water-resistant, so the Spectre trousers will repel water and dry quickly if you are caught in a rain or snow shower.

Soft-shell pants like these aren’t insulated, so you can layer thermals beneath them depending on the weather. They are also more flexible than insulated trousers, which makes manoeuvrability easier in difficult terrain.

“Whether you are climbing the Himalayas or learning the basics right here in the UK, you can trust Mountain Equipment."

The Spectre trousers come with wider lower leg volume so you can easily fit your ski boots underneath as well as removable braces and zip-out soft-shell gaiters. There are two zipper vents which allow you to quickly dump heat, plus a dedicated transceiver pocket.


Mountain Equipment make the Spectre trousers in short and regular leg length, catering for UK size 8 to UK 16.

If you are looking for an excellent pair of winter soft-shell trousers - whether it is for ski touring, climbing or hiking in the snowy mountains - make sure you try out the Mountain Equipment Spectre trousers. You won’t be disappointed.

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