A comment on Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team's Facebook page has gone viral, following the news story of a helicopter that caught fire after landing on Mount Snowdonia.

The helicopter's crew escaped unhurt from the accident, but the resulting images were still dramatic and the Mail Online quickly asked for permission to share them on their own page.

Gruff Owen, the media officer for for LLMRT, replied to the request from the newspaper picture desk with a witty and pointed response.


Owen replied to the comment politely, but only gave permission for the photos on the condition that the newspaper resisted the urge to "blame the incident on immigrants or the unemployed."

The comment, that has now been deleted from the page, instantly started receiving attention from people who called it the 'best response ever' and calling Owen their 'new hero'.


More than 1,000 people ‘liked’ the photos and it received 550 shares, before it was deleted by the page admin.

The photos were taken last Tuesday and the wreckage is still to be moved from the mountain.

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