Mountain Fail

Mountain Fail

There's a commonly held notion that mountains are somehow invincible; that you could throw 283,000,000 hand grenades at a mountain and it wouldn't even scratch the paintwork (of your Ford Capri, which you've plonked down in the mountain visitors car park). This belief is absolute baloney.

Mountains are constantly changing. They're as at risk to the changing geological structures of the earth as a Geordie lass's hairspray-ridden hairdo is to spontaneously combusting on bonfire night. The world is changing all the time and, as Gandalf would say, if you don't keep your feet there's no telling where you might be swept off to.

This jaw-dropping moment took place on Monday the 19th of October in the Swiss Alps. The stunning footage shows a 2,000 cubic metre section of the Rocher du Mel de la Niva sliding 1,000 metres downhill and ripping a brand new trench in the forest below. This area has been well studied by a geologist who predicted the event. A nearby town was evacuated beforehand, and a valley road was closed (thus minimising the risk of serious injury and/or death).

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