running in the rain

1. "Don’t use a hood as it can restrict your peripheral vision, which can be dangerous when crossing roads. Wear a good running cap instead to keep the rain out of your eyes."

Steve via Twitter


2. "If you listen to the right music, running in the rain can make you feel like an action hero! Embrace it."

Amy via Twitter

Georgina Fitcetera

3. "Leave newspaper just inside the door to dump your wet trainers and socks on when you get back. If you’re not running from home, bring a towel for your car and dry clothes to change into for the drive home."

Georgina Spenceley, fitness blogger at Fitcetera

Brooks running

4. "Visibility can be bad in the rain. If it’s dark and drizzly, wear bright colours so that drivers can see you. Brooks have some great lightweight jackets that pack into their own pocket and can then be worn around your arm – ideal if the rain stops and you warm up."

Charlotte, Unbound editor

wet skin

5. Skin is waterproof and you shower after anyway. No excuses!

Emma via Facebook

Scott Jurek

6. "The rain could add as much as two minutes per mile to your time. Use rainy runs to work on endurance training rather than speed and embrace the resistance the rain provides."

Scott Jurek, ultra marathon runner

running in rain

7. "Wear a lightweight, breathable jacket to keep you warm and ensure you’ve got good grip on your trainers to prevent slipping. Then splash in the puddles and feel the fun of being at one with nature rather than hiding from it… that’s what running’s all about."

Nick Anderson running coach at RunningWithUs


8. "Lube up – wet clothes rub more than dry ones. Use Vaseline, Body Glide or even hair wax to prevent chafing (particularly in the sports bra area). Sadly I’m speaking from experience."

Charlie Watson, fitness blogger at The Runner Beans

Ducks in the bath


9. "Focus on the warm shower or bubble bath you’ll have earned when you get home. You’ll be totally justified to spend the afternoon on the sofa in a fluffy dressing gown sipping hot tea."

Leah via Facebook

10. "Wearing thinner socks, which don't absorb as much water, will keep soggy feet from weighing you down."

Scott Jurek, ultramarathon runner


11. "Phones aren’t waterproof! I use a spibelt to carry my mobile, keys, gels etc. (It has a water-resistant pocket.)"

Shona via Twitter

12. Change your route if there's a risk of slipping and wear waterproof mascara or this happens:

Girl running late

Girl Running Late via Twitter

13. Starting is the hard bit! Just get out there and do it. Once you’re already wet you might as well carry on.

Em via Twitter

Beki Cadd

14. "Run somewhere where the rain makes the place look spectacular and revel in the fact that you will probably have it all to yourself!"

Beki fitness blogger at Miss Wheezy

15. "Take friends and have fun! One of my most memorable runs was with two friends through the dregs of a hurricane last summer. We looked liked we'd been drowned, but had the best time!"

Bethan via Facebook