Travelling Solo Alone Adventure Destination Guide

Whether you’re travelling in Europe, travelling in India, travelling in North America, travelling in South America, travelling in one of the places not mentioned there, or travelling by train; there’s a lot of things to consider when you’re off on your adventures. If you’re travelling alone, also known as ‘going solo’, then there’s arguably even more stuff to consider. After all, you’re on your own; it’s just you, your wits, and the world at your feet.

Let’s face it, the world can be a pretty daunting place at the best of times. And if you’re travelling alone, and doing things by yourself, these feelings can be magnified intensely.

Fear not, however, because Mpora have just strolled into your lives once again and rest a reassuring hand upon your shoulder. We’ve whispered into your ear, and said something comforting like “look here, look at this, everything is going to be ok...we’ve brought you a do’s and don’ts guide to travelling well as a selection of the top 10 cities for people travelling alone. No need to thank us, we’re always here to help."

Travelling Alone Going Solo Adventure Destination Guide


The Do’s Of Travelling Solo

Do - Keep People Informed Of Your Location

This one is absolutely essential because if, heaven forbid, you should go missing at any point in your trip it’s vitally important that people actually know you’ve gone missing. If solo travellers go missing, a quick response time can be the difference between life and death.

Do - Get Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance can be a pretty dull affair, but you need to get some. For the solo traveller, travel insurance is even more essential because you might not have a loyal friend nearby to patch up your wounds or carry you back down a hiking trail after you’ve twisted your ankle on a rock.

Do - Get To Know People At Your Hostels

Look, we get it. You’re travelling alone, and you want to be alone with just your thoughts, your DSLR camera, and the whole wide world. But, come on. There’s no need to block out all forms of social interaction, and disconnect yourself entirely from the human race. It’s good to have people, on the ground, looking out for you and watching your back.

Do - Plan Your Days

Setting yourself a strict, regimented, regime can be boring and suck the fun out of travelling alone. And, because of that, we’re reluctant to recommend such a thing. That being said, it’s not a bad idea to think about timings once in a while. Check, for example, what time the sun is going to set so that you don’t find yourself stranded in a dodgy part of town after dark.

Do - Look After Your Possessions

This might sound like a really obvious thing to say, but remember that you won’t have a friend you’ve known since primary school watching your backpack and telling you that the compartment where you keep your passport and your iPhone is currently unzipped.

While travelling alone, be sure to make regular checks (especially if you’re in an area known for pick-pocketing). Don’t just leave your backpack lying around in restaurants, take it to the bathroom if you need to. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than losing your bag.

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The Don’ts Of Travelling Solo

Don’t - Sacrifice Your Safety

Of course, travelling is all about having experiences. But, come on, you want those experiences to be positive ones. Getting mugged in a darkened alley because you wanted to see the “real" side of the city, is not going to be a nice thing to write in your travel journal. Stay in well-lit areas, and avoid visiting dodgy parts of town (especially by yourself).

Don’t - Insult The Locals

Respect local traditions, and play by the rules. Being the most unpopular person in town, especially when you’re travelling alone, can make your solo adventure a seriously miserable experience.

Don’t - Fail To Prepare

A failure to prepare, is a preparation to fail. Make a list of items you need before you go, and be methodical in the way you approach it. Things like toothpaste and sunscreen are easily forgotten in the excited build-up to an adventure, but you’re going to be glad you’ve packed them when you realise that you can’t borrow some off your mate Geoff/Dave/Hannah/Jessica because they’re back at home.

Don’t - Forget To Phone Your Mum

Checking in with your parents might sound like the lamest thing in the world, but it’s a good thing to do. Not only will an e-mail/phone call/text message let your family know you're safe, it will also keep you grounded in reality and potentially be a morale booster if you’ve started to miss the comforts of home.

Don’t - Get Scammed!

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We're not saying you need to be a paranoid wreck, who never leaves the hostel, but remember that as a tourist/traveller you’ll probably be targeted by hustlers trying to make a quick buck (or worse, take advantage of your vulnerability).

As a solo traveller, you won’t necessarily have the old “safety in numbers" cushion to fall back on. Stay sharp, and keep your wits about you.

Norway Travelling Solo Travel Alone Adventure Destination Guide

Norway is a pretty peaceful place, and you're unlikely to run into too many loud-mouth hustlers here. It's also an extremely beautiful place, with 21 iconic national parks to get your teeth into. If you're determined to go solo, you can do a lot worse than travelling alone in Norway.

Australia Travel Solo Adventure Destination Guide

If you're a native English speaker, and find yourself travelling alone, Australia could be just the place for you. There's no language barrier (minus the odd slang word), and you'll be pleased to know it's one of the safest countries for travellers.

Australians are extremely laid back, and up for a good time, so you should make plenty of friends down under.

Canada Travelling Alone Solo Destination Guide

Like Australia, Canada is a great choice for solo-travelling English speakers. Canadians are renowned for their hospitality and politeness, so you should have no worries on that score.

The crime rate in Canada is reassuringly low, and there's a great mixture of spectacular scenery and fun cities to enjoy.

Costa Rica Travelling Solo Destination Guide Adventure

If Costa Rica had a middle name, it would be Adventure. There's just so much to do here, so much to distract you, that you'll probably forget you're travelling alone. Zip lines, hiking, kayaking; it's all happening.

Costa Rica is arguably the safest country in Central America, with plenty of expats and travellers to connect with.

New Zealand Adventure Travel Going Solo Destination Guide

New Zealand might just be the perfect destination for solo travellers. It's got seriously low-crime rates, a buffet selection of outdoor activities and adventure sports to experience, friendly locals, and some genuinely jaw-dropping scenery.

There's no language barrier to worry about, and it's not the biggest place so you should be able to see most of it in one go. Put on your Hobbit-waistcoat, and head to New Zealand.

Thailand might have become somewhat of a "Gap Yah" cliche in recent years, but there's a reason so many people go there (clue: it's awesome).

The Full Moon Party, the affordable beer, the delicious food, the breathtaking beaches and jungles; Thailand has got a lot going for it. It's known as the 'land of smiles', so you can also expect a seriously friendly welcome from the locals.

Photo: Jack Clayton.

Switzerland is expensive, this much is clear. That being said, if you've got the budget for it, Switzerland is also a seriously awesome destination for people travelling alone.

The people are extremely welcoming to visitors, the crime-rate is low, and there's more mountains and lakes than you can shake a stick at. Start putting the pennies in your piggy bank, and consider travelling solo in Switzerland.

Scotland Adventure Destination Guide Travel Solo

If you live in England, Scotland might not seem like the most obvious choice for your big solo adventure. But, hold on one second!

Scotland is home to some of the most incredible scenery in Europe, it has English as a first-language (putting the subtitles in Trainspotting to one side, for a minute), and it boasts one of the world's truly great cities in the form of Edinburgh. The weather is pants though, so bring a coat.

Japan Adventure Solo Travelling Alone Destination Guide

If you want to get lost on the other side of the world, but feel safe at the same time, Japan is one of the best destinations for people who want to travel alone.

Great cities and scenery walk hand-in-hand here. The bullet trains will take you rapidly to different corners of Japan, in comfort, and the friendly locals will often want to practice their English with you.

If you've always fancied impersonating Bill Murray's character in Lost In Translation, pack your bag and head to Japan.

Chile Travelling Solo Destination Guide Adventure

As a rule, the people of Chile are considered to be extremely friendly and welcoming to travellers. Not only that, but there's so much to see here that you'll always have something to keep you occupied on your solo adventure.

From the Atacama Desert, to Patagonia, via the safe and easily navigated city of Santiago. Chileans have even been known to invite solo adventurers into their homes, or to BBQs in their back gardens. Chile is a great country to visit, especially for people that want to travel alone.