Wagon_0022_wagon 1

Nothing represents the 1970s better than the archetypal shag wagon.

Defined as "a car that you have intercourse in" (thanks for the clarification Urban Dictionary), these pads on wheels were seen cruising around beach car parks and mountain towns in 1970s, driven by tousled surfers looking to pick up girls. In a non-creepy way, of course.

Surf wagons were the original pimped out rides, often kitted out with shag carpets, wooden drinks cabinets, disco lights and a velvet heart-shaped bed.

Here are a few of the best....

Wagon_0021_wagon 2

Kicking off with the original Dodge shag wagon from the 1970s. Because everyone knows the way to any woman's heart is by errrr.. playing chess.

Wagon_0020_wagon 3

Nothing says 'I'm a real man' like a picture of an eagle, a bear and a wild pony on the side of your van. Hipsters will dig this set of wheels, as it will remind of that jumper they once bought from Urban Outfitters.

Wagon_0019_wagon 4

Now if this doesn't say 'sex' to you, then I don't know what does.

Wagon_0018_wagon 5

If its girls you're looking to woo with this intergalactic set of wheels, you're probably using the wrong tactics. Unless you're at a Star Wars convention. In which case you're winning.

This guy isn't the only one with a Star Wars obsession. We could literally run a post on Star Wars themed wagons alone...

Star wars van
Wagon_0013_wagon 10

No exterior of this one, but if it's anything like the interior then it's guaranteed to be pretty special. I mean those bannisters, what?!

Wagon_0012_wagon 11

In the words of Austin Powers: "What say we go out on the town and swing, baby? Yeah!"

Wagon_0000_wagon 12

The classic 70s brown, yellow and orange palette. Always a winner, especially when painted on the full-grown equivalent of a Hot Wheels car.

Wagon_0010_wagon 13

You've got to be kidding us... Stairway to Heaven? Really?

Wagon_0008_wagon 15

Another well-kitted out shag wagon - complete with a miniature dancing pole for dancing... dwarves? The zebra print is a nice touch.

Wagon_0009_wagon 14

Yes! Now that's a shaggin' wagon if ever there was one. Imagine the looks you'd get rocking up to Tescos in this...

Wagon_0007_wagon 16

It doesn't get more 70s than this, unless you had the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine filled with lava lamps and a built-in cheese fondue set.

Wagon_0006_wagon 17

Doesn't this just exude tastefulness? Although I'm not quite sure what inflatable aliens have got to do with anything...

Wagon_0005_wagon 18

Vegetarians, look away now...

Wagon_0004_wagon 19

Keep tellin' everyone that, mate...

Wagon_0003_wagon 20

Well done Sonny Levy. This truly is a masterpiece, topped off with gullwing doors and a "closed circuit television for a rear view mirror". Swank.

Wagon_0002_wagon 21

Who knew there was an option of leather, polyester and Monster Munch creature fur?

Wagon_0001_wagon 22

Well, I suppose, at least he's being up front.