1) You've spent the last few years working in places like this...

Photo: Mick Curley/Nomad Surf Charters

Surfing Boat Mentawis Mick Curley

Photo: Stock

Ski-Resort-Mountains Tignes, alps, France

2) But now, all your mates have got themselves responsible city jobs...

3) The thought of working in an office brings you out in a rash

4) You can't even buy a bookshelf without freaking that it's "too much commitment"

5) Earning lots of money isn't really a priority for you...

6) Student loan repayments? What repayments?

7) Everyone is settling down and acquiring things, like babies and mortgages

8) And you're just like....

9) Your mates just think you are on a permanent holiday

10) And your parents keep asking you when you're going to "settle down"

11) Because deep down, you just don't want a 'regular' job like other people

12) You just want to do this...

13) And this... All. The. Time

14) Why would you give that up to live somewhere it rains nine months of the year?

15) What does getting a 'real job' mean anyway?